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Financial Administration

Financial administration
The Financial administrator oversees the day-to-day administrative activities of the company and ensures the company’s administrative function is organized, works efficient and registers accurately all information related to Accounting & Administration.
The Financial Administrator works in close cooperation with Financial Administration departments of other Apex companies and the Accounting & Control department at Apex HQ, as well as all other departments of their own Apex company.


  • Registers and monitors all bookkeeping events to control the general ledger via the financial module of the ERP software program (Infor, Visual ERP);
  • Performs structured the monthly closing procedure in close cooperation with the controllers at HQ. This involves verifying that all invoices (receivables and payables) and payments are registered accurately and in time, and includes verification of general (sub-ledger) administrations;
  • Supports the global planning & control cycle that is provided by F&C at HQ;
  • Handles all accounting & tax requirements according to applicable (local) laws and regulations, and according to HQ standards;
  • Handles all insurance tasks;
  • Performs all compliancy obligations;
  • Registers and monitors all (financial) transactions through the ERP software (Infor Visual ERP);
  • Handles all financial requirements according to applicable (local) laws and regulations, and according to HQ standards.
  • Acts as a role-model of Apex core value to reinforce the highest global standards upon which our reputation has been built;
  • Lives according the four core values of Apex in relation to all the company’s stakeholders:
    • Accountability;
    • Integrity;
    • Relationship;
    • People.


  • Trial balance, closing of accounting period (monthly), which is executed in close cooperation with the Finance & Control department at HQ:
    • Reconcile ledger accounts with sub-ledger administrations, i.e. verify that the balances on specific ledger accounts match the totals of their respective sub-ledger administrations in the ERP and in MS Excel (e.g. that the ledger balance of receivables matches the total on the aged receivables list, and that the ledger balance of ‘bank’ matches the balance in the cash-book and also the balances according to the online banking environment, etc);
    • Monitor and maintain the sub-ledger administrations in the ERP and the ones provided in MS Excel (e.g. verify that all invoices are properly registered on the aged receivables and aged payables lists, verify that new investments are added to the investments administration file, that new employees are added with to the salary administration file, etc.);
    • Report monthly closure progress to Finance & Control department at HQ;
    • Updating and maintaining records of expenditures;
  • Execute and report physical inventory counting (quarterly);
  • Prepare periodical budget reports (e.g. accumulate balances on specific accounts and present these next to provided purchase budgets, in a report provided).
  • Insurance administration
  • Compliance: requests from authorities (e.g. VAT applications, CBS, SPED, subsidies)
  • Debtor administration
    • Preparing, recording, mailing and monitoring receivable invoices;
    • Maintaining primary customer records in the ERP database;
    • Preparing customer statements periodically to customers
    • Communicating with customers regarding receivable invoices & collections;
    • Preparing reports on delinquent accounts and customer payment profiles;
  • Creditor administration
    • Recording, filing and monitoring payable invoices;
    • Maintaining primary vendor records in the ERP database;;
    • Preparing vendor statements;
    • Communicating with vendors regarding payable invoices & payments;
    • Scheduling payments in accordance with company policy;
  • Commissions administration
    • Calculating, verifying, recording, monitoring, payment and reporting of commissions;
  • Expense administration
    • Manage debit and credit card administration;
  • Bank administration
    • Organizing and filing deposit receipts as invoices are paid;
    • Posting payments to customer accounts;
    • Reconciling cash receipts and deposits.
    • Manage bank accounts and make payments to creditors, payroll and authorities;
    • Cash flow administration (monitor by periodically accumulating the bank account balances and projected receivable and payable collections from debtor and creditor administration).


Company competences
  • Focus on quality             (general on a tactical level);
  • Customer Orientation     (general on a tactical level);
Functional competences
  • Attention to detail             (job specific on a tactical level);
  • Integrity                            (job specific on a tactical level);
  • Discipline                         (job specific on a tactical level);
  • Workmanship                   (job specific on a tactical level;
  • Controlling progress         (job specific on a tactical level).

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Timely execution of closure, as per authorized calendar.
  • Timely and proper A/R collection.

Job requirements (skills & experience)

  • Extensive knowledge of Accounting;
  • Experience in an Accounting department (preferably 3-7 years);
  • Experience with accounting and/or ERP software, e.g. Infor (Visual ERP), SAP, Oracle.

Additional Information

Position In Organization

Financial Administration

Reports to

Manager Finance & Control

Job/Education Level

Vocational level - Bachelor

Wage Grading


Job Species

Organizational code: 4510 • Functional family: 2A


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