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ICT Support Engineer

The ICT Support Engineer is responsible for the ICT support desk of AAP and as an when required to support any Apex site on IT infrastructure and consistently improve the ICT infrastructure for better IT services without any lag.


  • AAP ICT infrastructure Support.
  • Remote assistance on International ICT tickets when required.
  • Local (AAP) infrastructure support on desktop, laptop, printers, network, CCTV, access control, telephone, and narrowcasting system.
  • Ensure system security and manage device access and user accounts.
  • Attend basic user queries on system, software and ERP.


  • Experienced in working as a Technical Support engineer, desktop support, IT helpdesk technician or similar role. Hands on experience with Windows VMware, and remote desktop environment.
  • Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Has a great sense of responsibility and integrity.
  • Well-developed communication skills.
  • Ability to provide step – by step technical help for both written and verbal communication.
  • Certification in Microsoft, Cisco or similar technologies is a plus.
  • Knowledge of SQL server databases and Virtual server (VMware) client management.
  • Fluent in English (additional languages preferred).
  • Is a role model, reinforcing Apex’ core values on which its reputation is based, including ethical behavior, integrity and compliance with rules and regulations.


  1. Local ICT support desk address user tickets regarding desktop, laptop, printer, and IT peripherals.
    • Collect user questions and requests and analyze them.
    • Keep track and inform users of all questions and requests tickets.
    • Provide technical support, troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues.
    • Help install software and hardware and assist system upgrades.
  2. Problem Diagnosis and support.
    • Manage hardware, software, printer emails, telephones, audio video conferencing application up to date.
    • Handling outlook, Team’s, terminal server connection related issues.
    • Handling network failure, and managing LAN, WAN connectivity.
  3. Maintenace and repair
    • Regular maintenance of organizational assets (computer, laptop, printers, CCTV, access control etc.)
    • Perform routine checks, updates, repairing hardware, keeping system up – to -date and secure.
  4. Documentation and recording
    • Record day logbook for daily tasks and activities.
    • Maintain all records of issues and solution.
    • Create system documentation, user manual and assist in creating IT policies.
    • Maintain network diagram and documentation for designing and planning network communication system.
  5. Security Compliance
    • Ensure systems are secure and company security policies are applied.
    • Check all system are secure and security applications are installed.
    • Monitor for breaches and educate user on safe practices.
  6. Network Support
    • Troubleshooting connectivity issues.
    • Setting up new network connection and system, printers, telephone, CCTV, access control, narrow casting devices and IP based equipment.
  7. Emergency Support
    • In situation of significant system failure or security breach, provide immediate support to minimize downtime and mitigate damage.



  • Focus on quality (general on a tactical level)
  • Customer Orientation (general on a tactical level)


Job specific

  • Attention to detail (job specific on a tactical level)
  • Problem analysis (job specific on a tactical level)
  • Controlling progress (job specific on a tactical level)
  • Independence (job specific on a tactical level)
  • Result-Orienteers (job specific on a tactical level)

Additional Information

Position In Organization

ICT Support Engineer

Reports to

ICT & ERP Manager AAP


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