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Apex produces superior nonwoven solutions for several sectors, including medical and hygiene. Embossing nonwovens can increase their strength and durability as well as provide decorative elements. As leaders in the embossing industry, we develop nonwoven embossing rollers using the latest technology to ensure perfect results. We help our clients develop the endless possibility of nonwovens.

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Precision Rollers For:

Wet Wipes & Hygiene


Hook & Loop






Innovation, technology results that speak for themselves.

We are the world technical leader in rollers for nonwoven solutions, known for our quality products and superior processes.
Working closely with our clients, we develop embossing rollers for nonwoven fabrics for a variety of uses, creating endless possibilities for this growing market. We use the latest technology to get the cleanest result, our rollers create designs that are beautiful to look at, pleasing to the touch and able to withstand whatever life throws at them.

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Consultancy & Support

Communication is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with our customers to truly understand their needs before identifying the right solutions for their unique situations.

Technicality & Design

Your surface design is created by world-leading creative embossing designers, utilizing their unrivaled technical knowledge of the opportunities and demands of embossing rollers.

Process & Layouts

We utilize the very latest digital layout and 3D technology to support our clients in making the right decision for their embossing needs.

Roller & Steel Core Production

We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing precision machined rollers for a variety of uses, including steel cores and sleeves.

Embossing Rollers & Sleeves

We produce tailor-made embossing rollers with the latest laser, etching and knurling technologies and techniques, effortlessly reproducing intricate details and patterns.

Pilot Plant

Our state-of-the-art pilot plant enables us to fully test new designs for quality before manufacturing, providing you with perfect results from the very first use.

Embossing Techniques

We use a variety of embossing techniques to produce different effects and meet the needs of our clients.

On-Site Assistance

We provide ongoing support to our clients in the form of onsite support, to ensure that once installed, the embossing rollers are working as they should.