As a leading manufacturer of high-quality anilox, embossing and glue roll solutions, we understand the critical role proper maintenance plays in maximizing performance, consistent quality, and prolonging the lifespan of one of your greatest assets. Our dedicated service and support team is committed to optimizing your productivity by offering a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific goals and needs. Whether you require maintenance, cleaning services, technical support, or expert advice, we are here to partner with you every step of the way.

Maximizing Performance Through Expert Support

Maintenance & Repair Services

Stocking & Inventory
Cleaning & Auditing

Consultancy & Knowledge
Training & Education

Maintenance &
Repair Services

Tailored Maintenance Programs

Apex creates custom maintenance programs to meet your inventory and production needs. With decades of experience and extensive data, we establish optimal schedules, intervals, performance thresholds, KPIs, and more to maximize the performance and lifespan of your Apex solutions. Our comprehensive training, education, preventative maintenance, and proper handling significantly extend the life of your investments.

Expert Repairs and Reconditioning

Apex restores your assets to full OEM specifications using advanced manufacturing technology and top-tier metallurgy. We handle surface reconstruction, journal replacements, and more to enhance your investment’s longevity. Insights from an Apex audit help fine-tune maintenance schedules, minimize repairs, and re-engrave underperforming rolls to meet specifications with high success rates.

Repair Services include:
  • Anilox Rollers
  • Glue Sets
  • Embossing rolls
  • Gravure Rolls
  • Rotary Screen Print

Stocking & Inventory

Global Reach and Quality

Apex, with seven global manufacturing facilities, serves customers worldwide, ensuring top-quality standards. We maintain a vast inventory of anilox rolls and sleeves, reducing lead times to as little as 15 days. Apex offers customized inventory solutions to minimize in-house anilox storage and overhead costs. We help businesses streamline operations and reclaim space by evaluating and consolidating inventory, supporting lean manufacturing principles.

Apex Stock

We stock numerous pre-coated rolls in the most popular OEM sizes, shortening lead times to as little as 15 days.

Custom Stocking Program

Can’t stock in house? We’ll work with you to develop a streamlined stock program with the Apex team to minimize overhead.

Depot & Warehousing

We can store and manage delivery of your enterprise-wide program, efficiently distributing to facilities around the world at your request.

Transport & Logistics

With company-owned trucking fleet, we can help you navigate the transport and logistics of your Apex rolls & sleeves.

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Cleaning & Auditing

Apex provides comprehensive solutions to keep your anilox rolls in optimal condition. With our expert partners, we offer professional cleaning solutions that ensure the thorough removal of ink buildup and contaminants without damaging the roll’s surface. Additionally, we offer anilox audit services to assess the condition of your rolls, identify potential issues, and recommend preventive measures to maintain peak performance. Our trusted cleaning and auditing services enhance the longevity and efficiency of your printing operations.


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Anilox Audits

Anilox audits evaluate the condition and performance of your anilox for optimal performance on press. With a comprehensive audit, you will know your anilox cell KPIs, cleaning, maintenance, and reconditioning needs, and if there is any microscopic damage impacting your print. Empowered with this information, your operators can confidently pull the right anilox for the job while the others are sent for repair. Contact the Apex technical services team to discuss the details of our comprehensive audit services.

Available Audits
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Consultancy & Knowledge Services

Repro Services

Work with Apex to discover any anilox rolls that need repro services for the best specifications for your application.

Referrals Program
  • OEMs for press purchases
  • Partners for supplies
Apex Site Visits

Have an Apex Roll Specialist visit your plant to help optimize your anilox inventory and production processes.

Quality Assurance Certification

Apex is committed to quality. View our quality assurance and warranty page for more information.

Sustainability Consulting

We offer sustainability consulting services to educate and assist your production in making more environmentally friendly decisions. Whether it’s incorporating more eco-friendly materials into your operations or implementing waste reduction techniques to minimize environmental impact, our expertise can support your efforts towards a more sustainable future.

Training &

Apex offers training & education on-site or remotely for the following topics:
  • Anilox 101
  • Glue Sets
  • White Opacity
  • GTT
  • GTT Offset
  • Super Box
  • Anilox – Use & Care
  • Anilox Sleeve – Use & Care
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer valuable speaking opportunities for partners in the industry. Our seminars cover a range of topics including anilox roll maintenance, best practices for print quality, and advancements in printing technologies. We also provide personalized training curriculums tailored to your specific needs, whether you prefer standalone seminars or collaborative sessions with other suppliers. Our goal is to empower printers with knowledge and skills that drive success, foster partnerships, and deliver actionable insights for print excellence.

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Resources & Insight On Demand

The Apex Academy is a resource center designed to provide reference, education, and answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the printing industry. Ever wonder why most global OEMS trust the Apex brand? Our dedicated team of experts have been investing their time and talents developing modern, innovative technologies in the printing industry for over 150 years. Access the knowledge of our worldwide experts using our extensive resource center.

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