LongCell Versus 60° Hexagonal Cell

Support of the roll

With the 60º hexagonal cell the dot is supported by all the cell walls. For the LongCell the dot is only partially supported. When the exact same screen count is used, it might be possible that 30-60% less cells are available to support the dots. This depends upon the Cell angle.


For the 60º hexagonal cell the shape is standardised. For the LongCell this is not the case, each supplier uses its own size for LongCells resulting in a 60º, 70º, or 75º angle.

Note: Different repro is needed! The usual ratio between the screens of Anilox & Cliché is 1:3. A risk of moiré occurs when LongCell is used.

Characteristics of the cell shapes

60 degree hexagonal cell

  • 25600 cells/cm2
  • Maximum 34 l/cm, 85 LPI
  • 3% dot

Fact sheet Longcell vs Hexagonal Cell.jpg

LongCell with a length of 80 L/cm

  • 16000 cells/cm2
  • Maximum 22 l/cm, 55 LPI
  • 5% dot

Fact sheet Longcell vs Hexagonal Cell2.jpg

* If the cliché is 70 l/cm, or higher, moiré could occur.  For a anilox screen of 200 l/cm with a 35 l/cm cliché no problems occur.